What makes Tropical Stinger Unique?

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What do you do when your garden produces an abundant amount of jalapeños? You make hot sauce of course! Experimenting with flavor combos in the kitchen led to this unique and delicious recipe; spicy and sweet all at the same time!

Tropical Stinger hot sauce is made from all natural, fresh ingredients, with peppers grown and picked straight from the garden and locally sourced honey. Each batch of hot sauce is made and bottled by hand for that unique homemade experience and flavor.
What better way to keep the heat flowing than by combining hot peppers and tropical flavors into a sauce that is bursting with that sweet heat. The jalapeños and spices bring that stinging heat and the pineapple, lime and honey balances everything out by adding a nice fruity tropical sweetness. The result is a very versatile sauce.​​​​​​​
Tropical Stinger hot sauce tastes great on anything:

Great on chicken, pork, fish and vegetables
Use it as a marinade
A dip for your favorite snacks
Excellent on Hawaiian pizza too (don't @ me!)
Your favorite cocktails and juices
And more, get creative!
​​​​​​​Add some sweet spice to your life!
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